DIY Indoor Chalkboard Table

Turn an old table into an indoor chalkboard to extend the opportunities for drawing, mark making and writing for your little ones! So simple and quick to do and provides a fun and quirky addition to the art area or play room!
We have a couple of these £5 Ikea “Lack” side tables for the girls to play and create on. I painted one with the blackboard paint from when I made the outdoor chalkboard table last summer. It took just one coat all over, with one more on the top, and 24 hours later it was dry and ready to use! 

 Before and after shots!

 I put the coloured chalk in a little terracotta plant pot and gave them a dry-wipe eraser and they now LOVE drawing and colouring on the table then quickly wiping it all off again!
Hello Sunshine!

 Drawing and mark making at this angle is very good for young children as they can stand up to do it and their arms move freely at this height. Instead of being cramped and uncomfortable, they can draw with large swooping movements directed from the shoulder and elbow, which is perfectly age and developmentally appropriate.

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