Colour Concoctions with Coloured Water!

 We explored colour mixing with coloured water concoctions on kitchen towels! They learnt about colours and made beautiful tie-dye patterns on the papers as a by-product, which are little art works in their own right.

We put about 1-2 cm of red, yellow and blue liquid food colouring into 3 separate jars, then filled to the top with water to dilute them. This turned them into our own version of liquid watercolours! [In the UK I have yet to find liquid watercolours that I see written about on US blogs. This seems to work well as an alternative!]

I set the paints up outside on our outdoor chalkboard table, on top of some sheets of kitchen towel. I added 2 turkey basters (found in a local hardware shop) and left them to it!

It took Pop a few attempts to work out how to squeeze the end to suck up the paint and when she mastered it she was really pleased with herself! First of all they spent a long time just sucking up the colours and splashing them out on the towels, enjoying the joy of that process.
 Slowly, Cakie started to notice that the colours changed when placed together, and then the fun and learning extended!

Oh wow! The yellow and the blue mix to make green!

The yellow and the red make orange!

I found some extra jars and she tried combining the paints within them and loved guessing what might happen before she did it.

Beautiful colours mid-transformation!

Pop made copious amounts of purple, in a variety of shades! I had to keep replacing the kitchen towel every 5 minutes as it became so water logged, but they wanted to keep on going. I hung them out to dry and amazingly they didn’t break (these are supermarket economy ones!)

I absolutely love the effects of the mixed colours on the paper! This blue one above, with dandelions added by Cakie looks like a work of art to me.

As they dried they resemble tie-dye and looked gorgeous with their range of cool and warm hues. It provided a nice opportunity to go back and talk about what we did and what colours they were able to create, by examining the finished “art work.”

Now if only we could think of something to do with them!

Learning Links:

  • creativity: exploring colour mixing, talking about warm and cool colours, discussing shade and tone, creating art on a large scale
  • physical: using small hand muscles to squeeze and release, hand-eye coordination
  • knowledge & understanding of the world: making predictions about what colours would be made, combining liquids, dilution
Cakie: 3 years 7 months
Pop: 2 years 1 month
Bean: 11 weeks

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