Egg Carton Printing

We made some simple, beautiful prints using just an egg carton and some ready-mix paints!
The wonderful Tinkerlab is hosting another Creative Challenge and the material she presented us with this time was the humble egg carton. I didn’t want to present the girls with a set craft to create but an open-ended art experience instead. So we tried using it to print with!

 C. chose all her own colours and tried mixing some to create new ones too. Then she declared the NEED for glitter (that’s is my girl!) and mixed in some gold and silver to her paint pots. She painted the base of the carton in her chosen hues then we set about printing.

 She pressed firmly on the box and repeat printed all over a large sheet of A2 coloured card. We noticed how the paint dried out half way through and she busily set about repainting and printing again quickly.

 I expected the base to create a series of circular prints, but instead a geometric pattern emerged.
It reminds me of Islamic tile patterns- so beautiful! And I just adore the overlapped ones!

The box was repainted many times, colours layered over the top of each other and printed onto different coloured card.

 I love the striking effect of the bright paint on the red background!

 Pop was keen to join in and she devised a whole new plan, to paint the interior of the box.

 She also picked up the glitter and starred to sprinkle liberally over the top. I love the result and would happily mount this on the wall!

How would you use an egg carton creatively? Check out Tinkerlab‘s post to see how a whole host of other bloggers have interpreted the challenge!

Learning Links:

  • creativity: use a range of 2D and 3D media to explore colour, texture and form, talk about pattern making, experiment with colour mixing, discuss art from other cultures
  • maths: discuss shape, pattern and repetition
Cakie: 3 years
Pop: 2 years


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    What a great use for egg cartons! I think we’ll make some big art with our egg cartons using your printing method! Love it!

  2. says

    What a great printing method – I love the shapes made and how it looks great on the coloured card. I also love the way in which the 2 of them created very very different projects.

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    The output looks really nice. I love printing shapes using old stuff like this egg tray. They make amazing prints and you get it in a cheap price. eco print

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    What a cool concept! Looks easy and fun. And, i’m guessing you already had the egg carton? Love the finished product.