Tape Resist Art

Today’s feature article is from the talented Roopa at Putti Prapancha! Enjoy!

Tape Resist Art is one of my favorite art techniques where it is entirely process based, yet the product turns out beautiful and unique each time!!!  We have even used this as a party activity during my daughter’s 3rd year birthday and all the kids had a blast painting. It made for a great return gift too. 


  • Thick Cardstock paper or Stretched Canvas
  • Painter’s tape
  • Child-safe scissors
  • Paint (any kind will work depending on the age of your child use washable tempera, acrylics, water colors and even fingerpaint)
  • Paintbrushes 
  • Newspapers to protect the work space

First, I spread newspapers over our work space. And then allow my daughter to create a design on the cardstock with the painters tape. Little kids may need help cutting the tape. Cut pieces for them in the length they ask and then they can stick it to the cardstock anyway they want. Pieces of tape all over or criss-cross weaving or parallel lines or even their initials depending on the age and desire of the child.  My daughter loves making rooms or windows as she calls them.

Once the tape design is finished, we pressed the tape down with fingers so the edges adhere nice and tight to the cardstock.

Later, get she got busy painting…. 

She loved painting each window of hers in a different color. This activity is perfect for the littlest of kids, even those who just love to smear paint with their little fingers.

This is her finished painting drying….

We let the painting dry thoroughly, overnight. Then  slowly pulled up the tape to reveal the tape-resist design she created. It is very exciting! Here is her tape resist masterpiece !!!

If painting on cardstock, be gentle while pulling the tape off and be advised that the card may rip at places. Stretched Canvas works better, but I save those for special occasions only like to make gifts. 

This is my daughter’s painting from her birthday party last year.

We have done this numerous times with crayons and markers too. I love crayons or markers because that way, I need not stay close to my daughter(though I love watching her paint/draw) monitoring paint spill accidents. And these marker scribbles turn out beautifully.

She has made a tape resist rainbow too.

Each step of this activity is fun, putting on the sticky tape, painting with whatever colors you choose and then pulling off the tape to see what you created. It makes great gifts and / or wall art

Roopa writes about art and creativity with her beautiful daughter Putti, over at Putti Prapancha. Check out her blog for more wonderful ideas today! 


  1. says

    Tape resist is SUCH a fun way to create artwork with children. It always feels like “Magic” when you pull the tape off. I really liked the scribbled ones too! Gorgeous post!


  2. says

    I think masking tape would work. The is “low tack” I think so its less sticky. You can take masking tape and apply it to your jeans once or twice and it will be less sticky. Ad odd trick I learned some where.