Painting Without Brushes

Today’s feature article comes from the wonderful Allie at No Time for Flashcards!
Painting with everyday tools

You don’t need fancy tools to have fun with painting.  Painting is such a fun activity for young kids, they get to express themselves, learn about colors, work on motor development and create something from start to finish. But sometimes you are looking for something special and even though kids are usually thrilled with paints and paper it doesn’t always feel extra special. 

I get emails from parents all the time asking what the must haves are for a basic and frugal art supply list would be . I usually send them this list but always add that so many “extra special” tools and materials are sitting in your kitchen, playroom … even the bathroom! 
Painting with stuff around the house
Painting with new tools adds new interest for kids with novelty and sheer silliness. I don’t know many kids who would say no to painting with their own toothbrush. Kids love silly and art should be fun so put down the shopping lists and start looking around your house and thinking “ Would that be fun to paint with?”
Potato masher prints

Here are some of our favourites:
Bath toys
Toy Cars
Pot Scrubbers
Toilet rolls
Tooth Brushes
Potato Mashers
Fly Swatters
Cookie Cutters
Bath Poofs
Bubble Wrap
Baby shoes
Dish Sponges
Flowers ( daisies work great)

Can you think of some more to add to the list? Have fun!

Allison MacDonald is the owner and author of the hugely popular No Time for Flashcards, which is packed full of educational activities for young children. If you haven’t yet discovered it, you will LOVE it!


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    Great ideas there – I love the potato masher. It all looks really clean whilst painting, I find it hard to keep mine from getting first their hands then on their feet in the paint and then before you know it paint everywhere – but it is all good fun.