Homemade Photo Frame

Today’s feature article comes from Catherine who writes one of my favourite blogs, Sun Hats and Wellie Boots!

So happy to be sharing our activity with you today at one of my favourite blogs! 

My 3yr old is currently fascinated by anything connected with photography! She adores looking at photos, displaying them and of course taking pictures with my camera!  She’ll spend ages studying all the detail in photos and asking questions as she ponders each image. This is great for encouraging her sense of belonging, who she is, recalling previous events/experiences, and exploring the concept of time, which is a tricky one when you are only 3!

Following her current interest we thought we’d create a photo frame for her to display her favourite pics in.

To make the base of the frame we used an old cardboard box and cut out a heart shape (Minnie’s choice of shape). We discovered that thicker cardboard was best for this activity, as it provided more support and allowed little hands to add photos to the frame without the card bending too much.

Minnie painted the frame with her choice of paint and painting tools. I always love seeing what she decides to use. She started off by painting a rainbow with paintbrushes.

Then decided to mix it up a little with her hands! The individual colours may have been lost, but the sensory experience of painting with her hands was clearly enjoyed by Minnie!

She explored more textures when painting with a pine cone…

and scratched swirly patterns into the paint, before covering them up once again with her hands.

Using a cork and a small sponge she added more paint before leaving the frame to dry.

When it was completely dry I cut inverted V shapes into the cardboard (using a craft knife) to make holders for the photos.

My girl loves a bit of sparkle so chose to add a generous amount of glitter to the frame! To make a frame hook we made a small hole in the cardboard using a kitchen skewer and then threaded a pipe cleaner through, securing at the back.

And the frame was ready to use!

Perfect for holding special photos, cards, or mini pieces of artwork! 

We’re moving house soon and I think this frame will be a great opportunity to recall special memories and familiar faces, while settling into new surroundings.

And Anna… it would be perfect for new baby pics too! 😉

For more ways to play and create with recycled materials check out Sun Hats and Wellie Boots, we love transforming junk into something new!

Thanks Anna for inviting us here and huge congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!

Thank you Catherine!! 


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    That’s a lovley idea! You’ve got me thinking about a box of old photos I never get out – I must leave them out for the kids to go through if they want to. There is such a downside to being a neat freak 😉

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    very nice and creative. I love hearts funny enough only yesterday I was saying to a friend I wanted to make a collage with photos in a heart shape. I love this idea, its cheaper that buying a frame and more fun!

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    I’ve been following Imagination Tree for some time…but don’t often come to see the amazing posts you put up. I’m glad I came over for this one…and I’ve added Imagination Tree to my Blogroll. I’ve got an awesome guest post from Daria who shares music with children all around the globe. Hope you will come by.