A garden flowers birthday party!

Little Pop was 2 this week and we celebrated with a garden flowers birthday party in the glorious March sunshine with all our friends! Perfect!
Chocolate Flower Cupcakes!
 We took a trip to the local garden centre to gather our supplies, including various terracotta plant pots, packets of seeds, bags of soil and some flowers!
Party supplies all ready!

Cakie painted and coloured some cardboard flowers as a surprise for her sister, and they were stuck to bamboo canes and planted in our rather dead flower beds to brighten up the garden! (Post to follow.)

The birthday girl donned her shades and fairy dress and got ready for some serious outdoor fun! 

Birthday girl!

First of all there were flower party crowns to make! I cut some simple flower shapes from coloured tissue paper and they simply stuck them to their card strips and added sticky foam shapes for details. 

Here is the lovely Pipsqueak from Red Ted Art wearing her beautiful garden crown!

Then there were large terracotta plant pots to paint in the garden using pearlised paints. Each pot had a child’s name written on (using a porcelain paint pen) and formed the main take home gift once planted!

Painting flower pots

Some more industrious painting and decorating going on!

Decorating pots

Once the paint was dry they took their pots to the digging tub and filled them up with compost (after 
having a fun dig around in the soil first of course!) 
Planting seeds and digging tub

They then made some holes with their fingers and dropped in 4-5 round Sweet Pea seeds, ready for growing at home before planting out in the garden! There were mini watering cans to water them with too.

Planting Sweet Pea seeds!

For the younger ones there was a sensory tub filled with black beans and mung beans, mini terracotta pots, fabric flowers and petals and mini trowels for digging.

Gardening Sensory Tub
Daddy spent the entire morning constructing an awesome new wooden sand pit with fold back benches that was Pop’s main present, and finished it just in time for everyone to crowd in and play!
At tea time there were some gorgeous number 2 cookies made by my very generous and talented friend Yasmin, decorated with pretty flowers to match the theme!

Number 2 flower cookies!

And the birthday cake itself was a tray full of chocolate flower pot cupcakes. (Post to follow!)

Chocolate and Carnation flower cupcakes!

 Birthday girl is still working on her blowing-out-skills but seemed to love her cake and candles and all that wonderful fuss that was made over her!

Birthday girl with her cake!

When it was time to go home there were mini watering cans with names filled with chocolate eggs as well as the decorated plant pots with their little seeds all ready to grow.

Mini watering cans filled with chocolates

It was plenty of good fun and I’m extremely grateful to my great friends Tineke, Katy, Naomi, Yaz and Maggy (the fabulous Red Ted Art!) for all their help, not to mention Grandma too of course. There’s no way I could have done a party at this stage of  our busy lives otherwise! Thanks ladies! 

Take home gifts

Have you ever had a garden themed party? I’d love to hear what you did! (I’m a bit of a birthday addict in case you hadn’t realised!)

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