Fun With Plastic Eggs!

Today’s feature article is written by Melissa Taylor from the wonderful Imagination Soup
Ready to get out those gazillion plastic Easter eggs again? I love all the playful learning fun kids can have. And, the eggs are inexpensive, too. Bonus, right?
We keep our plastic eggs out for months since they are a favorite play activity – sorting, opening and closing, hiding and finding, filling, dumping, . . . the list goes on.
So, here are our favorite plastic egg play ideas. Then, I want to hear yours!

Mixed-Up Color Match
Mix up the tops and bottoms of eggs so the colors don’t match. Have your child put the eggs back together so the colors match up.
Alphabet Discovery Eggs
Make discovery eggs, one for each letter of the alphabet. Use a sticker or pen to write the letter on one end of the egg. Inside, put something that starts with that letter. (Be sure it’s not a choking hazard if your child is under 3.)
What’s Inside?
Have your child hide rocks or other objects in the eggs. It’s amazingly entertaining!

Beautiful Eggs
Decorate the eggs with tape, buttons, stickers, ribbon, and pompoms.

Sink or Float?
Play with the eggs in water. Experiment to see what happens when they’re closed, and when they’re open.

Hide and Seek
Hide and find the eggs. Count how many eggs you’re hiding and pick one area of the house or yard.
Okay, I told you mine, now you tell me yours – what are your favorite plastic egg activities?
Learning Links:
Fine motor skills, phonemic awareness, physics, creativity, colors


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  1. says

    Great list! I recently filled some plastic eggs with water beads for my kids to crack open and now my daughter asks to do it daily!

  2. Danna Coffey says

    One of the cutest ideas I have seen was on Pinterest. They made fireflies by putting a battery operated tea light in it, duct tape wings and pipe cleaner legs and antennae.

  3. says

    Nice ideas! This is actually the first year I have plastic eggs (my kid is 2.5) so I’m interested to see what she’ll want to do with them. But I love the alphabet idea…

  4. says

    Great ideas, I especially love the Alphabet Discovery Eggs! Last year we put some large marbles inside our eggs to weight them and used them to make ‘marble paintings’ in a tray.

  5. says

    What an awesome idea!!! ok, silly question… Where would i find these plastic eggs?? craft store ?? or online maybe?? THanks KJ :)

  6. says

    Just found an idea on Pinterest for filling eggs with pom poms—-the girls did color sorting, “guess what’s inside”, and my favorite was pretend cooking, letting all the teeny pom poms spill out. Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. says

    Lovely list. I have a whole lot of these eggs that I bought after last easter so have just had them sitting in the cupboard waiting for this easter. Silly me, I should have had them out sooner!
    Thanks :)

  8. Anonymous says

    I have a set in my classroom…..upper case letter on 1/2 of the egg and lower case letter on the other 1/2. The letters are written with a Sharpie marker. The kids love matching the letters and it’s a great fine motor skill too!