Fly Swatter Flower Paintings!

Today’s feature article is by the fabulous Deborah J. Stewart, M. Ed. of Teach Preschool!

With spring just around the corner and warmer weather just ahead, it is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy a little spring swatter painting!
 Swatter painting can be just a little messy, so make sure you throw on an old t-shirt or wear a paint smock before you start to swat! 
 The kids in my preschool class started out their swatter painting by drawing a some green grass and flower stems on a large sheet of heavy white paint paper…
 Then the children took their papers outside and taped them down to a long sheet of butcher paper…
 Now we were all ready to start swatter painting! Each child picked a fly swatter to paint with and started swatting away…
 The children traded paint colors throughout the paint swatting process…
 In the end, the children swatted most of the paper on the ground with all the different colors of paint…
 When the children had completed their swatter painting, we set the painting aside to dry….
 A super simple process to spring up your day!
Thank you Deborah!

If you haven’t already discovered Deborah’s site Teach Preschool, you are going to LOVE the treasure-trove of ideas she has for young children!


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    Thanks for sharing today! We loved this and it was only after we did it that I found flower shaped swatters! I was so bummed!

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    I love how the idea of flowers on stems was the goal! And wow, did they ever go beyond the beyond! Love fly swatter prints!