Baby Massage

Today’s feature article is contributed by the wonderfully positive Angelique Felix!

“Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is food for the infant, food as necessary as minerals, vitamins and proteins.” (Dr Frederick Leboyer) 

The arrival of a newborn baby is so precious and beautiful! A true gift that will last a lifetime.It’s our natural instinct to love , nurture and have special playtime with baby. These loving moments create bonding and gives baby the chance to show us it’s innerworld.
A great start of a playful relationship between adult and baby is by doing massage. For me the infant massage is a first form of sensory play, in which baby’s skin is touched through hands, heart and eye contact.  This so called ‘Touch Talk’ and is a unique way of talking to each other, a sweet loving possibility to get to know each other in a gentle way. All benefits can be read in my special infant massage articles.
Siblings and their newborn family member need to bond as well. Involving a sibling in appropriate care of an infant develops a loving, responsible relationship early on. Include your older child in the massage of the new baby, with supervision of course. 
Depending upon the age of the siblings, there are many other bonding activities. Older children love to hold, cuddle, hug, and kiss the baby. Assisting in bath time is another bonding tool that is fun for the sibling. Source.

A practical sibling bonding moment is the I Love You Massage:

Angelique Felix creates safe spaces where parents can play with their children (0-6 years old); where children learn in a FUN way; where adults encounter their innerchild.  Play is a holistic process in which body, meets mind and soul, where 100 languages are spoken and being heard. 

Angelique is a certified Infant massage instructor for the International Association of Infant Massage. But most important she is mom of Chanel.

More information can be found at Angelique 

Thank You Angelique! I can’t wait to let the girls try out this massage technique on their baby sister!


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    It looks beautiful on your site Anna! I am happy to have written this and contributed to your lovely site that is so inspirational for many people out there.
    Love to you and your family,