Shaving Cream Bath Paint!

Turn bath time into art time with some easy to make bath paints!

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 We have had some super fun recently at bath time, simply by whipping up some easy peasy bath paint!

All you need is a can of shaving foam/ cream (preferably hypoallergenic) and a few drops of food colouring! 
First of all I squirted the foam into 4 different containers, then Cakie added the colouring to the top of each and stirred each one up in turn, using a paintbrush.

 A little colour goes a long way and we chose to keep them pastel shades in order to protect both the bath tub and their skin from staining.

 Which is a good thing because Pop discovered body art! She was absolutely thrilled to be able to paint all over herself and laughed when I painted pictures on her back and tummy! Cakie saw it as her job to wash her clean again and then a wonderful game of “paint me- wash me” ensued!

Cakie also enjoyed writing some of the letters from her name and painting a picture of daddy, and insisted on using all of the colours in turn and making sure the entire “canvas” of the bath was covered! Washing it clean with flannels was also plenty of sensory, water play fun!

 They have since requested bath paints every single night of the week! I am going to have to stock up on shaving cream to store at the ready. A quick, 5 minute preparation and lots of creative fun, that’s so easily washed away and smells gorgeous! Perfect :-)

Learning Links:
creativity: create pictures using a range of media
sensory: explore new materials using all the senses

Cakie: 3 years 5 months
Pop: 22 months

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