Painted Blotto Creations

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I’m happy to be guest posting here on one of my favorite blogs!  It was difficult to decide on what to share, but Anna told me pretty much anything would do so…I decided to share some of our Blotto Creations.  The whole last month of February we focused on Blotto Heart Creations and now we decided to take this process in another direction: using our imagination to create pictures with out painted blottos. It seems fitting to use our imagination on The Imagination Tree! Here are just a sampling of our creations.
To create Painted Blotto Creations, all you need is:

  • Paint/Brushes (We used Paint Dabbers)
  • Folded Paper

For later:
  • markers/crayons
  • scissors
  • glue

To begin, lay out some newspaper and paint.  I pre-folded a bunch of papers so they would be ready to go.  The process goes quickly and you want to have paper at hand so you can do multiple paintings. No one can just do one! (I know I can’t!)

Then use a paint brush or dabber and place the paint on one side of the fold or directly on the fold like this.  There is really no need to be precise in this part! Make sure the paint stays wet.  You can paint in a few sections to create 3 small creations Like pictured here) or paint right down the center for one large creation.

Next simply fold your paper and press down and smooth the palm of your hand over the paper to transfer the image to both sides of the paper! This is always a great lesson in symmetry.

Now open up your paper and here you see the 3 separate creations. You can also see this would be a fabulous way to teach color mixing, since the yellow and blue created some green and the red and yellow made orange.  We thought these creations kind of looked like insects or flowers.  What do you think?

On some creations my daughter already began adding eyes and legs with the paint dabbers.

We made tons of creations and let them dry for a few hours.

With some of our creations we kept “as is”, but with others we cut them out and glued them on our paper and added detail with a black marker.  Here you can see my daughter adding detail to her “blotto insects.”

Here is a close-up of some of her Insect blotto creations.  Some happy and some sad! She loved this part of using her imagination!

The possibilities are endless of what can be created with paint blottos! Hope you find the time to try this activity out!  

This is my creation of flower blottos!

Melissa Jordan blogs over at The Chocolate Muffin Tree  She is the mother of a wonderful 5 year old daughter and is a former Elementary Art Teacher,  She loves sharing her artsy ideas with others and inspiring her readers to make things!

If you haven’t checked out Melissa’s blog before, you will fall in love with it instantly! Check it out!

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