5 Fun Activities for the Holidays!

With half term coming up this week in the UK and lots of kiddies at home from nursery, preschool and school it can be hard to think of activities to keep them busy indoors in this cold weather!

Here are 5 fun ideas of things you can try with your little ones this week before turning on the tv!
1. Make some easy no-cook play dough and use it to create a beach scene, a box of pretend chocolates or a sweet shop with lollipops!
2. Make a cardboard roadway and race cars around on it!
3. Make some easy cloud dough/ moon sand using just 2 very simple ingredients! Use it to make sandcastles or mud pies indoors. Cleans up easier than real sand and feels just glorious when you run your fingers through it!

4. Turn a simple cardboard box into something exciting to play and interact with, such as this post box or this castle! Let the imagination flow and the play begin!

5. Make a pirate map and treasure box and go on indoor and outdoor treasure hunting adventures, following clues and searching for gold… (or chocolate coins perhaps!)

Have fun making some memories this week!


  1. says

    Some great ideas there and funny reading about you all ready to embark on holidays when us Aussies have just gone back!!Have fun!