Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows- An Advent Activity!

As you may remember Alissa at Creative With Kids is hosting an interactive creative Christmas countdown, with an idea for every day up to Christmas from 24 different bloggers! 

 We are joining in for Day 7 and behind our interactive activity window is the simple fun tradition of drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows together, around the Christmas tree!

We made our drinks, sprinkled in some mini marshmallows and found some stories about Christmas to read together while we drank it.

The girls had their jammies on ready for bed and it was a special time creating memories which I think will need to repeated often this month!

 As you can see from the state of Pop’s clothes afterwards, she really enjoyed hers! 
If you haven’t already, check out the rest of the simple activity ideas that have been posted so far and keep watch for the rest to come which we will be posting every day on the Facebook wall.

What little traditions have you started with your children? I would love more ideas!


  1. says

    What a great tradition – I think I will try this with J this year for the first time. We’re starting lots this year as J is for the first time interested in Christmas – today we’re all going to go and choose our christmas tree.

  2. says

    LOL, Anna, my youngest is the same age as Pops and I was just thinking, “Wow, Anna lets her drink hot chocolate in the living room without even a bib!” – then I scrolled down to the next picture – and laughed!

    What a lovely tradition – I’ve been trying to avoid giving Sweet Pea chocolate just yet, but I suspect this Christmas will be the breaking point – so many chocolatey treats that we just HAVE to have!

  3. says

    Perfect way to spend an evening! These pictures are precious. It reminds me of the one day it snowed last year, and I couldn’t convince my daughter to come inside, and I finally convinced her with hot chocolate. We had about four cups of hot chocolate because each and every time we went out to play, I had to coax her in with promises of something warm and sweet.

  4. Cathy@Pre-schoolplay says

    Hot chocolate and marshmallows have become a Christmas Eve ritual in our house. Long walk to feed the ducks (and wear them out!) then back home for hot chocolate & marshmallows :-))