Easy No-Sew Tutu

I finally made the girls some easy homemade tutus (after the fairy party months ago!) and it was SO straightforward. This requires NO sewing at all and takes only about 30 minutes to complete- that’s my kinda project!

You simply need:
  • elastic
  • tulle/ netting in your choice of colour
That’s it!

 I originally bought this pink netting on a roll for C’s fairy party to decorate the garden with. The rolls were 25 yards each. I planned to reuse it eventually to make some tutus and the width and length turned out to be just right, which was lucky! I sourced this on eBay and it was very reasonable.

 First of all, measure around the wasit using the elastic, making sure it’s quite snug as otherwise the tutu will fall down when dancing! Tie it into a circle.

 Then cut the tulle into a pile of roughly equal lengths. Mine were about the length of my forearm, but that’s hardly exact! You can be more precise if you wish. I was aiming for quick and easy 😉

 Take one piece and fold it in half. Lay it over the top of the elastic. Tuck the two ends behind the elastic and through the little gap in the middle, pulling it snugly to form a simple knot.

 Don’t make it too tight as it will be hard to move the strips around later if you need to adjust them.

Continue adding the pieces in this way, tying them as closely together as possible to give it a really full look.

 You can be as inventive or simple as you like at this stage. For one of the tutus I used just one shade of pink. For the other I used mainly pale pink but added in a few darker ones too. You could also add ribbons using the same method to attach them.

 Continue tying the pieces on until the elastic is completely covered. This will cover the knot too.

 That’s it!! Find some willing volunteers to test them out and have some fun!

 C. calls this her “twirling skirt” and I think that’s a perfect description!

 It’s not all perfect in terms of matching lengths, but I secretly admit to quite liking that effect! Not too pristine, but still plenty of frothy-girly-goodness for dressing ups, make believe and dancing!

 And for looking pretty darn cute with your sister too!

 What about making this as a gift for a little person this Christmas? Or as a great addition to the classroom dressing up box? I’d love to hear if you try one!


  1. says

    You’re girls look SO gorgeous in their lovely skirts and love the simple no sew technique, I think I know a couple of little girls who would like some of these! Thanks


  2. says

    Gorgeous. I love making these. T had one as part of her Halloween costume made out of orange and purple tulle.

    I’m thinking of making her a red and black one for her 1st birthday as very likely to have a lady bird themed party.

  3. says

    Oh my goodness – these are ADORABLE! My little girl is now a teen, but I can see these being a hit in my 2’s and 3’s classes. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Emily Gwilliam says

    I adore this idea! So beautiful! I have been wanting to get one for my little girl for a while now, but the people who make them tend to charge quite a lot as far as I can see! Thankyou for this fab technique and making it achievable :)

  5. says

    Love love this!! my little girl would really love wearing one of these :) how old us your youngest? I’m just wondering if Aniah is too young to do some of the activities on your blog yet, she’s 18 months.

    • says

      Sorry Hannah! I’m terrible at keeping up! She was about 22 months here. Certainly you can do lots of the projects- most started at around 1 year and are easily adaptable

  6. Anonymous says

    I love this, a project I can actually do. My three year old granddaughter is going to love it when it comes in the mail for her birthday!!!! Thank you so much!!