Advent Activity Tree!

We have been planning all of the lovely traditions that we would like to start as a family in the run up to Christmas. We want to celebrate Advent and really teach our children the meaning of the nativity, as well as beginning some homely, family activities that we can revisit each year.

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First of all we sat and talked about Christmas and what we would all like to do. C was very keen to mention hot chocolate, sweets, cakes and presents (no surprise!). Daddy really wanted to make sure we included Christingle services, singing carols and learning Bible passages together, to keep the Biblical focus.  I also wanted to include old fashioned traditions and lots of crafting and baking. Between us, we came up with lots of ideas, but 24 will do- one for each day of December!

I drew around a star shape cookie cutter onto white card and wrote out all of our ideas onto the star shapes. Then I simply laminated them, cut them out and stuck a loop of ribbon the the back of each one with sticky tape. I thought I would be able to punch holes through, but the hole-puncher wasn’t able to cope!

We painted a tree branch with a tiny bit of silver glitter paint and hung the activity stars onto it, ready to choose one for each day in December. I didn’t number them so that we can be flexible (and realistic) about what we can achieve each day. I hope this will be one of our new family rituals each year and maybe we can even recycle the same stars for next Christmas too!

Here are a few examples of the activities we hope to do:

* go to a Christingle service
* make cookies
* decorate the tree
* have a Christmas meal with friends
* go and see the lights in the city
* make a gingerbread house
* create a nativity scene
* learn a Bible passage
* have hot chocolate and marshmallows
* wear Christmas pyjamas around the fire and toast marshmallows!
* have a movie night with a Christmas film and popcorn

….and many more!

Have YOU made an Advent activity calendar? What sorts of ideas would you include in yours? I would love to hear your traditions!

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