5 a Day Books: Thankfulness!

I don’t think I’ve ever written on the blog before that I am actually half American. Our family has primarily lived in the UK but we still celebrate Thanksgiving wholeheartedly! For this reason I’m theming this week’s books around the idea of thankfulness. I want the girls to understand their cultural heritage and to know the history that surrounds the family feast!
We picked these first two books up on a visit to New England a few years ago. This one is so lovely, written with the similar rhythm to “this is the house that Jack built” with plenty of repetition which is easy to start learning. Gorgeous illustrations and a lovely consistently themed story running throughout.
This book takes a different approach, explaining the story from A to Z, all set out in little rhyming verses to go with each page. Again, beautiful illustrations and lovely comparisons between old and new traditions.
This book is much simpler and has the wonderful added fun of flaps to lift (which child can ever resist?!) Very sweet and nice and short.
We are also reading a couple of books about being thankful to God for His gifts to us. This one is beautiful and is simply the words of the well known song, set out with gorgeous photographs and illustrations. It also has flaps to lift, mirrors to look in and interactive features, as well as coming with a CD of kids praise songs. It can be sung or read- lovely!

 I love this little series of books by Susie Poole that very beautifully and simply handle a concept based around a few Bible verses. This one is from philippians and is about being thankful, happy and trusting in all circumstances, however sad or scary. I’ve found it great for talking through fears and feelings with C. It is very short, with just one or two lines per page, and has very sweet pictures.

What are YOU reading this week? Do you have a lovely post about books, reading or book related crafts? Feel free to link it up below!

 And if you are taking place in the Play Challenge, Jamie has a story-themed activity for Day 14!



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    Great list. I haven’t read the last two but they sound awesome. I’m going to have to look around and see if I can find them. I guess they’d work great year round!

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    Have you stopped this feature on your blog? I got a lot of ideas for books from this feature. I really love it.

    I subscribe to your blog and use a lot of your ideas with my tot who is 32 months old.