30 Days to Hands on Play! Printing with Objects

Toilet rolls dipped in paint make fabulous circles!

Day 23:
Printing with Objects

Play Prompt:
Take a little box or basket and go for a hunt around the house with your child, looking for some everyday objects to print with. Absolutely anything and everything will do! The more unusual the better. Dip into paint and print, print, print! 

What creates the most interesting, unexpected or beautiful pattern? What doesn’t work? Is that what you expected? Have fun and experiment!

Cookie cutters are great to print with as they are easy to handle and have little surface area !

Some ideas to consider:
  • apple, pepper, star fruit, celery- cut in half
  • key, potato masher, fork
  • cardboard tubes, bottle tops, cups
  • bottom of a shoe or wellie boot
  • hands or feet
  • toy figure footprints
  • toy car, tractor, train
  • leaves, flowers, twigs
  • many, many more! 

What will YOU print with? We can’t wait to see!

 [Please remember, this is just a play prompt. You are not being asked to replicate any of the ideas exactly from this 30 Day Challenge! We hope to spark an idea for an activity and give an opportunity to try something a bit different each day and the emphasis is very much on having relaxed, good fun and a really engaged play session. Remember to make it uninterrupted– turn off everything for at least 15 minutes!]

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It’s not too late to join the challenge! Read the original post here and go back to see what has been suggested already. Either start there or jump right in!    

Tomorrow hands on: as we grow will have the challenge for day 24!


  1. says

    it’s a rainy day here today so some printing fun may be just the idea to keep us busy…just need to find some things that little toddler hands can hold!