30 Days to Hands on Play: Block Building Challenge!

Day 3 Challenge:

Building with Blocks and Duplo!

Hopefully you all have some sort of building blocks in your home for this super-easy challenge today!

Wooden blocks, Megablocks, Duplo or Lego will all work well, with the coloured blocks being preferable for some of the ideas.

Get the whole lot out, tip them straight onto the floor, get down there with your child and start challenging them!

There’s only one rule with all these play ideas….TURN OFF everything and engage fully with your little one!

The aim is for at least 15 minutes of pure, uninterrupted play!

Here are some fun challenges to do together…

Can you build a tower as tall as yourself?!

How many blocks are in your tower?

How many can you balance on top of each other before they all crash down? Have a competition or a race with each other!

Can you build blocks with your eyes closed, one-handed or with your teeth?! (please show me photos, I have to see!)
 Can you build a city for your cars and trains to drive around?
Can you build something to fit your teddy/ doll/ toy inside?
Can you make a collection of only green, blue, red or yellow blocks? 

As with all of these daily play ideas, this is designed to be as open-ended as possible! 
Remember to allow your child to lead and make it fit their interests and abilities. Even an 8 month old baby can pile up blocks so hopefully even our youngest challengers can join in at some level! 

Be inventive, have fun, go with the flow and tell us what you did! 

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Tomorrow hands on: as we grow will have the challenge for day 4!

Do you have a playful idea to link up? Today is also our joint It’s Playtime linky. Please link your best ideas below!


  1. says

    Ooooh my son is an expert at tower building.. but my daughter therefore doesn’t get a look in.. I will have a go with her today whilst her older brother is at nursery! Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Anonymous says

    Wahhhhh!!! A good set of blocks is on our Christmas list. I’m off to find a substitute. Hmmm maybe time to break out that empty stack of small and medium boxes I’ve been hoarding for a rainy day!!

    I am LOVING this challenge. Wait a great way to remember not to let the day get away from me, to make a little time for play!! Thank you so much!!

  3. says

    Anon don’t worry! You can build with tin cans from the kitchen cupboard, shoe boxes, cereal packets, books, sticks! Your stacking boxes sound GREAT!

    Charlotte I a popping over to see your post now. Making “invitations to play” is something I love to do too- so enticing for littlies!

  4. says

    Thanks Anna! Great to hear some other options as how to build with blocks! Will try the one handed with James and eyes closed.. Know it sounds silly but hadn’t thought of that option and we just stack simple towers until they collapse day after day..it’s getting a little boring. So, i am sure he is up for a challenge!