30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge: Role Play

Day 29:

Role Play

Play Prompt:

Set up a little imaginative play area based on your child’s interest. Set up a shop (store) using a cardboard box or table and find some items to sell in baskets such as toys, play food or shoes. Then take turns being the shop keeper and the customer and play!

We set our little play shop on a low table and C filled it with her favourite play food and drink. I made some price labels and a little “shop” sign and we set about filling the basket, buying and selling and counting out coins.

She loved it and played there on and off all day, setting up a cake stand ready for when daddy came home from work!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a shop! What else could you try? 

Other suggestions:

* mechanics workshop
* bakery
* hospital
* doctor’s surgery
* office
* space rocket
* fire station

 [Please remember, this is just a play prompt. You are not being asked to replicate any of the ideas exactly from this 30 Day Challenge! We hope to spark an idea for an activity and give an opportunity to try something a bit different each day and the emphasis is very much on having relaxed, good fun and a really engaged play session. Remember to make it uninterrupted- turn off everything for at least 15 minutes!]

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Tomorrow is the FINAL day of the challenge! There will be a summary post both here and at Hands on as we grow, as well as some exciting news about how to keep the Play Challenge a permanent part of your life!

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