10 Fabulous Homemade Advent Calendars!

It’s just over a week until the beginning of December! 

Be inspired by these 10 wonderful ideas for making your own advent countdown calendar, just in time!

found at the following inspirational places……

Do you have another idea for an easy advent calendar? Please share it with us!


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  2. Helen says

    I’ve made 24 envelopes out of patterned paper, written the numbers 1 to 24 on them and bought some mini wooden pegs. I’m going to hang some twine on the fire place and peg the envelopes to it. Inside each envelope is going to be an activity for that day. There’s going to be some baking, craft activities, going to pantomine, christingle, buying the tree, watching the snowman dvd with popcorn, reading christmas stories, making bird food etc. I’ve managed to get our final 24 activities sorted! I’m really looking forward to it!

  3. says

    Thanks ladies!

    helen, that sounds perfect! Simple, beautiful and full of meaningful content :-) We have just finished our activity list too and I will be publishing that latter in the week. I love the idea of popping them into envelopes- lovely!

  4. says

    Just found your blog and love it. I am always looking out for new activities and toys for my 10 month old that aren’t just ‘plastic’ and provide new stimulation. I liked the pictures of your treasure baskets, we too have loads of those.
    You might like my brother in laws blog (abcdoes.com) he is an early years consultant and has some great ideas – that is where I get most of my inspiration,
    Thanks and I will keep following!
    Nelly x

  5. says

    This is a great roundup of ideas! They are all so beautiful! Ours will be very simple this year, but I hope to get ideas for a more permanent one for next year! Thanks for doing the work of finding inspiration for us! Great post. I’ve pinned, stumbled and shared. :)

  6. says

    Lovely ideas!!! Must keep them in mind.

    Our little man loves his curious George soft toy and all the books. So we are taking pictures of George in all sorts of daily activities such as reading a book, brushing his teeth, eating bnana, on the slide, in the sand pit etc. we are writing little stories on each picture on the back and wrap them in paper, put a numer on and peg them on a string in his room. Excited if h will like it, but anyhow we are having fun making it!

  7. says

    Oh what gorgeous ideas you all have! SO creative!!

    Nelly, yes I DO love his blog! thank you- I’ve seen it before but not read it for a while. Thanks for the reminder. He is so passionate about early years play :-)

  8. says

    I LOVE Advent Calendars. You certainly have displayed some nice ones! When my 3 boys (now 25,19 and 17) were small I made up a rather primitive one that they adored. My youngest still enjoys counting off the days until Christmas with this calendar
    despite the fact he’s not a child anymore and well over 6 feet tall. It’s almost time to put it up once again. You can get a glimpse of it, from a few years ago, posted in an old blog post…check it out here:

    happy holidays :)

  9. Missy says

    Great ideas :)
    I’m trying a new one this year, I’m going to decorate a small shoe box, then write the numbers 1-24 on post-it notes (maybe get my daughter to help!)
    Each evening when she’s in bed, I’ll change the number to correspond to tomorrow’s date and put a little gift inside. I’m hoping she thinks the box is magically refilling!
    Gift ideas so far are: birdseed and pinecones (to make feeders with that day); a note that promises an extra bedtime story; a bag of salt and pictorial instructions to make salt dough tree decorations… along with a few days of chocolate coins and Christmassy knickers!