Conker Spiderweb Weaving

This is a perfect all-natural Autumnal, weaving craft using a conker (or a chestnut), a beechnut and some raffia.
[My lovely Dutch friend Tineke is guest posting this idea today and says she used to do this as a traditional Dutch activity when she was a child!]
Chestnut conker spiderweb craft
To make this craft you will need:
  • a conker/ chestnut
  • cocktail sticks or bbq skewers
  • raffia
  • a beechnut
  • black card

  • First of all make 6 holes in the conker with a sharp tool. (I don’t know what this one is called but a metal skewer should work fine.)
  • Then put cocktail sticks into the holes and cut off the sharper ends.
  • Tie raffia or wool to one of the cocktail sticks and start to weave it between the sticks by twisting it once around each one, then pulling it on to the next. Twist again and continue until it quickly builds up into a little web pattern.

For the spider:

  • Cut out a little spider shape from black card.
  • Then, take the top of a beechnut and stick it to the card spider using glue to make it seem hairy and scary! Either draw on eyes or stick on little googly eyes for greater effect.
  • Stick the spider somewhere on the web and use another piece of raffia to hang it up! All done.
What a lovely activity idea for slightly older children this autumn!
  Thank you Tineke for sharing your idea here. Tineke doesn’t have a blog (but should!)


  1. says

    Oh my, I have seen conker spiderwebs before…. but never ever one so lovely! Makes me want to go off and do one (which the other’s haven’t done!). Gorgeous! Fab Guest Post Tineke!!!!


  2. says

    Brilliant – I’ve love spider webs and like variations on them. We’ve spent the morning making threading ones with my toddlers. Tineke that’s amazing.

  3. says

    What a cute craft. We don’t have conkers in the states (at least not in our area). Do you have any ideas of what we could replace the “middle” with? Love the finished product!

  4. says

    Do you have chestnuts Rachel? I think they would work the same, although I’m not sure what size they are? Conkers are from Horse Chestnut trees so perhaps they are a very similar size and type anyway? hope you can find some to try it!

  5. says

    I don’t know if we have conkers in Australia either but I will think of something! This is a lovely idea with the raffia! Thanks for sharing!

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    We don’t have Conkers in California. I’d have to purchase chestnuts from the Asian market but I think they are too small. I really like this craft, it’s lovely. I think the weaving would keep my daughter busy. Rachel, I wonder if we could do something similar with spiky balls (those spiky seed pods off of maple trees)???? Might make an interesting substitute. Tineke, thanks for sharing with all of us!

  7. says

    I’m not sure what a conker is, but maybe we could do it with an avocado pit. They kind of look the same. This is very cute. It kind of takes the creepy our of the spider. for the tool,is it called an awl?