Autumn Leaf Crown

Make a lovely Autumnal crown from leaves collected on a walk!
We were at the park yesterday and collected some gorgeous fallen leaves from “the orange tree” as C described it.
I gave C a strip of white card and she coloured it with some Autumnal colours.
Then she applied lots of glue using a glue stick along its length.
 And carefully stuck some leaves all the way along it.
 Then, when it was dry, I measured it to fit her head and stapled it together. Easy!
She said “I’m the Queen of the park!”
This activity goes really well with our 5 a day book choice of Red Leaf Yellow Leaf!

Learning Links:

  • creativity: combine materials, use materials to represent/ create something new, create in 2 and 3 dimensions
  • knowledge and understanding of the world: investigate the world using all of the senses, talk about objects from the natural environment
  • motor skills: use tools appropriately and safely, fine motor sticking and placing skills

Cakie: 37 months


  1. says

    Aaaah what a lovely crown! Very cute indeed.. has been on my to do list for a while.. mine is slightly different though!

    And I love the book. Always a fabulous choice! :-)