5 a Day Books: Space!

This week we are gearing up to November the 5th- Bonfire Night here in the UK! So any stories relating to the night sky, fireworks or space are on the agenda for us with lots of excitement!
This story by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker is perfect for any space enthusiast! It makes a brilliant 5-a-Day book because it is short and filled with easy to predict rhyming sentences. There are plenty of interesting images to promote questioning about space travel as well as being plenty of good fun!

I absolutely adore the child-like nature of this story by Jill Murphy. She captures what it is like to have a fantasy and the power of a child’s imagination so perfectly. Little bear wants to go to the moon but needs a space ship, so makes one out of a cardboard box with a colander for a space helmet! He whooshes up the chimney for an adventure and is still back in time for his bath!

Q Pootle 5 is a loveable alien who crashes his rocket and needs to refuel. Lots of fantastic illustrations and a funny storyline make this a favourite with little children that I know.
┬áHere in Space by David Milgrim is a really well though out book that seems as if it is going to be about outer space, but actually shows just how unique, bizarre and amazing planet Earth is! It takes a tour through desserts, mountains and looks at fascinating flora and fauna, all the while keeping in short punchy rhyme with fun pictures to match! This is great for helping children gain perspective about the enormity and complexity of the planet that we live on. We have an old copy and I think it’s hard to get hold of now, sadly.
This was Oliver Jeffers’ first picture book and is really beautiful to look at, based on the art work alone. It’s all about a boy who wants to catch a star and is a truly lovely story that appeals on so many levels.
What will YOU be reading this week? Have you got a book or story-craft related post? Please link up any literacy based post below!


  1. says

    How To Catch a Star sounds so intriguing for my wee grandsons. My apologies on the upload photo. I was trying something different! lol Hopefully, I’ll get it right next time around.

  2. says

    Kelly, C LOVES that book! To the point that I would hope it got lost so she didn’t keep asking for it…oops!
    TSlattery I love Man on the Moon and very nearly included it this week! My Reception kids used to request it frequently. Very funny and very clever!

  3. polly says

    I would like to link up to this but not quite sure how to do it!! I would love to see your book lists as I live outside of the UK and buy books on Amazon (a bit hit and miss)