5- a- Day Books: Autumn

It seems appropriate to read some lovely, Autumnal stories this week to go along with the beautiful, sunny and crisp weather we have been having lately. We have been jumping in piles of leaves and collecting objects for our nature basket on woodland walks. Evenings have seen the first wood fires in our fireplace and the return of hot chocolate….oooo lovely!
This first story is one from my teaching days and my Reception children used to love it. It’s about an unlikely trio of animals who live together, making pumpkin soup. Each has their own job to perfectly contribute to the process, but one day Duck decides he is fed up and wants to try someone else’s, with fairly disastrous results! Beautiful, evocative illustrations that make you want to curl up with a bowl of hot soup.
This is another story that I adore because of the illustrations! So original and quirky with a wonderful take on the original tale of the enormous turnip that grows SO big it can’t be pulled up alone. It’s a great tale about co-operation and filled with repetitive language, great for little ones to learn how to join in with.
As I have mentioned so many times before, I really love Shirley Hughes, both for her traditional tales about everyday life in childhood and for her whimsical illustrations that take me back to being a little girl. In this story about being outside in all weathers is the lovely poem “Misty” that is about enjoying all things Autumnal. 

 This is a very beautiful book by popular American author Lois Ehlert. The creative illustrations are stunning, though a little more exciting than the actual story. It tells the tale of the life cycle of a maple tree and mixes some information text and creative ideas into the text too. Perfect for discussion Autumn and the main elements that occur in nature.

This is one of the most popular “Percy the Park Keeper” stories from the lovely Nick Butterworth. It is set in Autumn, with beautiful pictures of fallen leaves, and all about the after effects of a huge storm on the woodland and its inhabitants. 

What are YOU reading this week? Have you done an activity related to books, reading or story-related crafts? Please feel free to link anything related to early literacy!


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    Hi There! Just came across your blog, and it looks so fun! I am going to go look around a bit more and become a follwer :)

    I linked up an activity and somehow it linked three times! I am so sorry, I didn’t know how to remove them. I thought my first image wasn’t working so tried another…oops!

    Anyway, thanks for a great site!

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    I am buying the Pumpkin Soup book for my daughter. It’s going to go in her halloween treat bucket (She has food allergies, so we swap trick-or-treat candy for fun gifts like books, stickers, etc). Thanks for the recommendations!! :)