Painted Fairy Houses

At Cakie’s 3rd birthday fairy party the children painted and adorned little ceramic fairy houses to hang in their gardens. 

I found these on special offer at Yellow Moon (a UK crafts company) for just 99p each!

There was a cardboard box covered with a table cloth that formed a decorating space on the grass.

 And  pearlised acrylic paints in a range of lovely candy colours squeezed into upcycled glass jars with paintbrushes.

And some gorgeous sheets of sparkly gem stickers to decorate with once painted (all paints and stickers sourced from the same place as above.) The great thing about acrylic is that it dries really fast, but the downside is that it is hard to get off clothes! Thankfully it did wash straight out of Cakie’s beautiful fairy dress, phew. Next time I’ll ask everyone to bring an apron.
The finished result! This one may hang in Cakie’s bedroom instead of the garden, to see if we can encourage the fairies to come and make a home inside! A cute little party activity and take home keepsake, for just £1! That’s a bargain.

Cakie: 36 months
Pop: 17 months