Homemade Fairy Dust!

At Cakie’s fairy party the children made bottles of their very own fairy dust to take home!
I found some small plastic bottles with little cork stoppers at Yellow Moon craft supplies.

 We filled up some empty jars with talcum/ baby powder, silver glitter and pink glitter. I got the glitter from Paperchase and it was particularly fine and “shimmery”, fantastic for fairy dust, annoying for getting off the floor 😉

 They scooped the powders with spoons and I made some quick makeshift funnels out of paper so that they could tip their concoctions into the bottles and shake them up!

The babies absolutely LOVED this table and spent most of the time tipping the contents of the jars all over the table, mixing them together with their hands and sprinkling it all over themselves, the grass and each other. Needless to say, our lawn is still sparkling over a week later! But great sensory play!

 Here’s a little shot of Mummy and Cakie working on the dust together. She took her VERY full bottle and immediately sprinkled it all over her friends “to make them fly!”

 And since they were on the trampoline at the time, technically it worked. Magic dust!

Oodles of imaginative, messy, creative play! I am loving this girly stage and enjoying it while it lasts, which, knowing my girl might not be long!


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    How fabulous! I just love the idea of using talcum powder and glitter…..so much fun!Everyone looked like they had a fantastic time. :)

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    What a very simple and very cute idea! I love it when children get to do take home party favours that can be used again, rather than always having food to take away!