5 a Day Books: Goldilocks..what happened next!

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 The girls have just LOVED the Goldilocks and the Three Bears focus so we are going to keep reading 2 versions of this story this week too. But I am adding in 3 new books to the mix for a bit of fun and to challenge the thinking of what may have happened AFTER Goldilocks left the house of the bears!

There are some really fun stories out there on this theme. This one is really sweet. The day after “the incident” Baby Bear is distraught about his chair and wants to get a new one. His parents take him to the chair shop in town and he is amazed by the range of choices! But he can’t decide on the one that is “just right.” When he gets home there is a surprise in store! [By K Umansky and C Fisher.]

 This story is hilarious! But if you always want to view the bears in their sweet and innocent light you’d better not read it! They decide to pay Goldilocks a visit and “repay” her for all the chaos she caused at their home. They get up to all sorts of terrible mischief, only to discover they have ransacked the wrong house! [By A MacDonald and G Williamson.]

 And this last story goes even further into the ever-so-slightly-shocking stakes! It is a little subtle and perhaps wouldn’t be appreciated fully by the under 5s, but is very funny nevertheless. Mr Wolf decides to throw a party for the bears and guess who turns up uninvited, behaving rudely as usual? Yes, Goldilocks gate-crashes the party and makes a terrible mess and acts up terribly. But a wise old wolf has a very sneaky trick to get rid of that girl once and for all….gulp! [By J Fearnley.]

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    Thanks for hosting a link hop – my site is about children who are creative and love nature . . . ideas that are in tune with the environment and our natural world. Popular posts have been about the nature table and making eco friendly paint. Do you have posts that are more popular than others?

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    A lovely quote for you: “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” Charles W Eliot (1834-1926) President of Harvard University, USA for 40 years