5 a Day Books: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This is quite possibly my 3 year old’s absolute favourite story at the moment. And so we will focus on a few different versions of the traditional tale this week as part of our 5 a day book list.

This first one has appeared on our lists a few times as it’s so much fun and a great, quick to read, rhyming text! A humorous take on the original with all of the key features and elements intact. And her dreadlocks are just fabulous ;-)
I like reading a range of books about the same story as the variance in illustrations and story details makes for a great discussion while looking through the book. This one has quite a different style but is recognisable throughout. I love the white bears!
 This appeared on our list just last week and was probably the catalyst for this week’s theme choice. She has been taking it to bed with her and requesting it frequently!
This is one in a range of beautifully retold and illustrated fairy tales, which make a great collection for any preschooler’s library.
 Our last choice this week is actually an audio CD retelling of the story. It is part of a favourite stories collection from the Early Learning Centre and is a real hit with C. We listen to stories in the kitchen and when driving and she can tell some parts of her favourites off by heart. And the added bonus is that it gives me a rest when I just can’t read any more books! (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)
What are you reading this week? Please feel  free to link up any post about children’s literature, book lists or story related games and crafts below. Inspire us to read more!

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