Playdough Pizzas!

 Here we are in beautiful Italy, without many toys and with plenty of wonderful things to taste, see and smell. The last time we were here with the girls we made some delicious autumnal playdough using coffee to colour and flavour it. Cakie made little pizzas and cooked them in the ancient stone pizza oven. It was definitely time to make some more and this time Pop was old enough to enjoy it too.

 We mixed together our very simple no-cook recipe, using a few drops of lemon juice instead of cream of tatar (which we can’t source out here.) I used rock salt instead of fine to add a new texture for exploration.
 Then they helped me pick some fresh rosemary and bay leaves from the garden and we found green lentils, penne pasta and spaghetti in the store cupboard. These make some lovely pizza toppings!

 Then they sat outside under the shade of a Cypress tree, squishing and squeezing, rolling and flattening, poking and mixing until they had a few plates of little pizzas for pretend cooking and eating. Yum!

 The scene brings me straight back to my own childhood where my 3 brothers and I spent whole summers in the Italian countryside, making mud pies, organising bicycle palio races and going on nature trails for hours by ourselves. All the best memories take place outside!

 We are back home to reality soon, but soaking up every relaxing minute of our little escape until then!