Glow in the dark cave!

A recipe for half an hour of fun on a wet, grey afternoon in the British summertime!

 Take one ENORMOUS cardboard box and put it in a dark spot in the house (it was very dark inside but hard to photograph!)

Find a box of glowsticks that you bought ages ago in the £1 shop and never used! OOooo and Awww together in wonder as each one lights up a different colour! Whoosh and whizz them around in circles and make beautiful patterns and pictures with them. 
Pop in a couple of torches all ready for our weekend camping trip and explore the shapes and shadows that can be made! Pretend to be exploring a treasure cave and hide things from the pirates (apparently!)

Have copious amounts of fun exploring, investigating, thinking and imagining!


We are now off camping in the pouring rain for 4 days. I’m sorry if I don’t manage 5-a-Day books this week. I will try!


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    Another piece of evidence to support the idea that there’s no better plaything than a cardboard box. What a great idea to add glowsticks. Thanks for sharing this.