DIY: Rainbow Crayons!

This is one of those lovely ideas that I have seen around the internet so often, and have wanted to try for a while now. I finally ended up with a plethora of cheap crayons recently so recycled about 12 of them to make these cute little rainbow shape crayons using ice cube trays for moulds.
I peeled and broke up around 12 different coloured crayons, using a knife. Then, together, we dropped the pieces into some shaped ice cube trays (£1 each from Ikea) until each hole was full.

 I put them in  the oven on low, around 100 degrees C (roughly 200 F), for 10-15 minutes. At least, this is what I *should* have done! I actually completely messed it up due to my impatience, by turning the oven up to 150 degrees C after about 5 minutes as I was going out and wanted them to melt quickly! Suffice to say, the silicone trays started to melt and I had to get them out of the oven pretty quickly! At 100 I think they would be fine, as I’ve made salt dough shapes this way in the past.

 Still, after all that drama and hoo-ha, (with me wafting fumes out of the kitchen door!) the resulting crayons were pretty darn cute!

 The jig-saw puzzle pieces are my favourite and can actually fit together.

 Some of the marbleising that occurred looked beautiful.

 And the little fishies were pretty sweet too, until some tails snapped off!

 Here’s the result of using the crayons on their corners and their sides on paper.

I think these could make a lovely, very inexpensive present for a little preschooler in your life! Tied up with multi-coloured ribbon and a little notebook attached.

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