Bubblewrap Print Seascape

This was a fun, easy printing project with lots of elements to add to it over a few days, keeping us busy and occupied for longer! The result is a beautiful under the water scene made using bubble wrap printing, hand printing, plenty of glitter and some googly eyes.
First, they dipped pieces of bubble wrap into shallow trays of blue paint. I mixed in some white and darker blue and swirled it around to create a marbled effect before they printed.

They covered several large pieces of white paper with the prints until there was no paper left showing through. They added a few large circle prints on top using a cardboard tube, to create big bubbles too.

Then C requested to do hand prints, as always, so we used some green paint to make hand print sea-weed and some pink to make some little fish.

Pop enjoyed swishing her hands and fingers in the paint and finger painting, printing and general mess-making!

C filled sheet after sheet with her green and pink hand prints. I think she would do this activity all day every day if she could!

When they were all dry I cut around them and together we stuck the green ones onto the sea scape to make the sea weed. Then C placed all the little fish on and added googly eyes to finish them off!

Of course we needed to add copious amounts of glitter, as always. What project is ever complete without it, eh?! It’s a very large piece of art work so I’m trying to think of ways and places that we can hang it up!
Learning Links:
  • creative: learning how to lift prints from found materials, layering, range of mixed media, colour mixing
  • numeracy: sing 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a Fish Alive!, count the fish/ sea weed, talk about shapes
  • sensory: explore the feeling of cold wet paint between fingers, sticking
  • motor skills: fine motor control placing small items and using tools, steadily print and lift with bubble wrap
  • phse: work together on a collaborative project, sustain interest and involvement in a project over a number of days/ sessions
Cakie: 35 months
Pop: 16 months


  1. says

    I love it! I love how you make the hand prints little jellyfish. My son is suddenly into jellyfish for some reason, so we will have to try this. ; )

  2. says

    Ah what a beautiful collage! I love every single part of it!!! Love the bubble wrap (of course perfect for water) as well as the handprint fish and seaweed. Perfect :-)

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!