5 A Day Books: This is the Bear

To read all about the 5-a-Day book challenge and consider joining in please read here.
OK, so I’m cheating a little bit this week and we only have 4 books instead of the usual 5! But that’s because I really wanted to have all the “This is the Bear” stories in one theme, and there are only 4 of them. Another week soon we shall do more bear stories as there are SO many out there. We used to do a bear topic at school because of the richness of the reading material out there. Fabulous.
These stories are PERFECT 5-a-Day books as they are set out in strong rhyme, easy to predict text with short, fun story lines. They also have speech bubbles with thought and spoken text, which adds a good discussion point and extra dimension to the stories.
This is the first in the series and introduces the characters of the little boy, his loveable bear and cheeky dog. It’s a great story about how the bear ends up at the rubbish dump, slightly aided by the naughty dog, and how his boy goes to rescue him.
In this story a bad little girl steals the bear from the table of a cafe where they were just about to enjoy some delicious ice cream. Cakie just loves the pictures of the food on the tables and won’t let me turn the pages!
 In this story the bear and the dog can’t wait to eat the picnic lunch that the boy has packed, so they sneak behind the door and eat it while he is out of the room! They don’t stay in trouble for long though.

 This is the best of the series in my opinion. All about the day that the boy forgot about the bear and left him behind at the park. He goes on a scary, exciting adventure overnight, but all is well the next day.

I managed to get all four of these in a box set for just £4.99 from one of my favourite discount book companies! 

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    Hiya! I’ve just come across your 5-a-day link-up and think the idea of choosing 5 books to read is great! I’d love to join in too and will start this week with my toddler. In the meantime, I’ve posted up a link above to a review I wrote recently of one of our fave books at the moment, Tanka Tanka Skunk.

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    Wish I had a discount book company nearby. The last book sounds like an exciting adventure. Congrats on getting a good deal!

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    I love the idea of 5 a day. I had teddy books as well this week as we went on a teddy bears picnic. There were loads to choose from but went for our favourites.

    Thanks for a great blog hop

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    My book review is about a great book, which Ruby thinks is not about bears, but the reader knows better! And I’ve popped in my tips on activities parents can use to celebrate Children’s Book Week with their kids. Every week should be Book Week, don’t you think?