5 A Day Books: Holiday Favourites

To read all about the ideas and benefits of the 5-a-Day book scheme, please read here and consider joining in!

We are off on holiday and are taking some favourite books to accompany our travels and to read in all our leisurely spare time. I’m looking forward to Daddy reading the 5 a day books for a nice change!

So these are some of our absolute favourites at the moment. There will be more next week too!

You know how much I adore this duo! This is funny, silly, rhyming and teaches the alphabet. Perfect!

An absolute classic and one that we can tell by heart. Even Pop joins in with the “uh oh” on each page. If you don’t own this in your personal library, you need to!

A favourite of mine from my teaching days. I used to get the children to jump up and join in with the repeated refrain “Up jumps Chimp, up jumps Zee, ha ha ha, he he he!” Fantastically rhythmic and fun!

Cakie’s favourite book that she takes to bed more than any other at the moment. It has such a beautifully visual concept running through it, with a Mum who is obsessed by spots and a Dad with stripes. With a twist at the end that seems to delight her each and every time!

This sits in our kitchen table book basket and is requested very often at meal times. Silly, funny and really original, I think it would be a great starting point for lots of science, DT and art projects!

What are YOU reading this week?

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10 comments to 5 A Day Books: Holiday Favourites

  • We did We’re going on a bear hunt, so I’ll link that up soon. Is there a time limit to do this, or can it be done any time?

  • You always share fun books that I need to go find! Can’t wait to find the alphabet ice cream that one looks very cute. Have a great holiday.

  • The ice cream and donuts look like good ones. We love the bear hunt! TY so much for sharing & we’d love to linky with you, too!

  • I must get the one with spots and stripes. Have a lovely holiday!

  • We are great fans of N.Sharatt but haven’t read these ones yet.Must look them up. Thanks for sharing :)

  • A kitchen table book basket, huh?
    *goes out to buy yet another basket….*

  • Oh, I have a question, too. All these themed books. Are they all ones you buy, or do you get them from the library? If the latter, do you order them in advance by searching about? Or do you just own a LOT of books, and buy loads, too?! I seem to own millions of childrens books, but am not sure I could do a weekly theme! ;)

  • Michelle

    I have the same questions as Rachel T’s…do you read at mealtimes..hence the basket of books on the kitchen table? And how do you acquire all of your wonderful books?

    Also…how do afford all of these baskets? I LOVE baskets, but they are so pricey! TY!!

  • My kiddos like the bear hunt books as well. I am going to have to check about your other books you listed. They are adorable.

  • Hi Rachel and Michelle!
    Yes, I admit it that own them all! I have a real love for picture books and during my 10 years of teaching I collected favourites and even asked for them for presents (sad, I know!)
    I do a theme to help me categorise on the blog and make future searching easier. I doubt the girls really notice, although I might be doing more themed activities around books from September as C is not going to nursery at the moment.
    As to the baskets, I just buy those whenever I see them on offer, usually at the supermarket. I love storing everything in them. Zara Home does some lovely ones too that are quite reasonable.
    I think I will do a post about our many book baskets and where we keep them as it has had SUCH an impact on our reading with the girls. Yes, there is one slap bang in the middle of the kitchen table, and sometimes we get through 10-15 books at tea time!!