5 a Day Books: Favourite Mix!

We are in Italy and sampling many wonderful foods and flavours! We remembered to pack some books for our 5 a day mission, but we are being much more relaxed this week! Here are the 5 that made it into the bag!
This book is such a hit with all babies and young children that I know. It is a real classic and filled with lovely illustrations and whimsical references that all little ones can relate to. Pop loves to point to the things that she can name and Cakie loves talking about the various categories of thigs, especially the “accidents” page where the babies get up to all sorts of mischief!
 This is a brilliant book from the author of The Gruffalo, which lovely drawings and a wonderfully rhyming story. It is about an adventurous sea snail who travels around the world on the tail of a humpback whale. It is charming and has lovely details throughout, as well as being funny.
 This is a ridiculous book, but Cakie’s new favourite because of the amazing drawings of birthday parties, cakes and treats that adorn its pages! I get tired of reading it, I will admit, but it brings so much joy it’s worth it every time!
 Another classic from the Ahlbergs. Set in olden days it seems a strange one to appeal to young children, but it really does! There is a little hole on each page that allows peeping through to the pictures on the next, which is good for prompting guessing games. Filled with easy to predict rhyming text, it makes a perfect 5 a Day book and has been on our list a few times already!
 The next in the series from the wonderful classic Chimp and Zee story. Plenty of rhythm, steady beat and predictable words, it is great fun and a cautionary tale of obedience! (something we need plenty of reminding about regularly!)
What are YOU reading this week? Any story, book craft or reading related posts are very welcome!