5 A Day Books: Birthdays!

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Cakie is turning 3 this week and the talk is all about birthdays, parties and cakes so we are revisiting some favourite party stories for our 5 a day!
 I love this story and it was a favourite from my teaching days. It’s all about a magic blue balloon that appears in the garden the day after a boys’s birthday and all of the weird and wonderful things that it can do. It’s pure magic for little ones!
 Another classic Mick Inkpen and favourite with young children. Kipper is SO excited about his birthday party that he makes a mistake when writing his invitations, with funny consequences! This one is great for talking through all the stages of a party, from invitations to balloons, baking the cake to sharing it with friends. A lovely story!
Another classic from one of my favourite author/ illustrators. This is Alfie’s first ever birthday party where he is dropped off by his Mum alone and he has to be brave because the birthday boy is being very naughty! A great book for talking through feelings and good reactions.
 We picked this up at the £1 shop and it’s an absolute favourite with both girls! A lovely story about Peppa Pig and her little brother George as he celebrates his second birthday, as well as having stickers to add to the fun!
A lovely lift-the-flap story about Maisy’s birthday and party, with all of the essential elements to talk about and get excited over!
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    I’ve enjoyed following your blog for awhile now. I love this post and will definitely aim to link up each week to keep me accountable to planned reading with my gorgeous girl. Thanks again! :)