5 A Day Books: Bears!

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Well, we loved the “This is the Bear” series last week and they all got dragged out to the supermarket and to bed (the strongest evidence I can gather that she just LOVES a story to pieces!) So this week we are continuing with more wonderful bear stories. There are SO many, we may do this twice!
Our 5 for the week
I just had to start with this one of course, because it’s such a favourite of mine and has so many memories of my early teaching days. An absolute classic, both my girls love it already. It makes such a brilliant 5 a Day text because of its length, fun and rhythmic style, repetition and easy to predict pages.
This is another favourite of mine and I get completely lost in the beautiful illustrations, especially on the pages where the bears stand outside in the dark night sky, looking up at the huge full moon. I would love to be able to draw pictures like this- just magical. It’s quite a long text but the repeated question “can’t you sleep little bear?” is easy for little ones to join in with and it’s fun to hear them guessing little bears excuses each time!
This series of Eddy and Freddy books are wonderful! Perfect 5 a Day material, with strong rhyme and a fun storyline. This one is my favourite in the series, with Eddy and the bear becoming real friends. Aww.
This story is very funny and will resonate well with any toddler and preschooler. It’s all about a teddy bear who falls out of the sky and lands in the garden and the ensuing mischief and chaos that he gets up to. Everyone thinks it’s the toddlers fault, but we know better! Not a rhyming story, but fun and fairly short.
Another Mick Inkpen classic. This has a lovely added feature of a little working led light at the end, as the flap is lifted to reveal a torch. Cakie is so taken with it and absolutely loves it. Plenty of rhyme, lift-the-flaps and perfect for this age group in every way.

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    Hi, I adore your blog, it is inspirational and just so lovely! Your children are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing Mum. I was wondering how you select you books for 5 A day and also do you own all the books or do you hire them from the library? Thanks for your time:-)