5 A Day Books: Maisy!

To read all about the ideas and benefits of the 5-a-Day book scheme, please read here and consider joining in!

Our 5 for this week are all about Maisy, the loveable mouse! I found a set of 10 Maisy books in a lovely bag for only £9.99 at The Book People (I so love the bargains there!) So far, the girls are totally enraptured with the stories.

In this story, Maisy and her friend Tallulah pretend to be a doctor and nurse, taking care of their toys and then each other.

 This is C’s favourite so far! We read it 5 times over breakfast this morning. Maisy is invited to a fancy-dress party and she ends up making her own costume.

In this story Maisy makes some gingerbread for her friends to come around and share. Yum.

 Maisy goes to her friend Charley’s house for lunch, but his cupboards are bare! They have to cycle to the shops to get some delicious food to share. 

This story is perfect for summer! Maisy and her friend Eddie run out of lemonade so they make some from the lemons growing on a tree in the garden.

All of these books are short, easy to memorise and about wonderfully everyday topics in the life of children. Cakie can retell her favourites already!

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  1. says

    Defne LOVED Maisy when she was 2. The dentist book was especially useful for our trips to the dentist.
    Now DS is just about getting interested,I have read him one of the Maisy books just this morning :)

  2. says

    Brilliant selection – we have 2 Maisy books – Maisy’s bathtime and a free bookstart one Maisy’s Nighttime. LT loves them we had Maisy’s bathtime this morning. I’m looking for more of them.

  3. Alice says

    I love your 5 a day books, and now Charlotte does too and shes getting a good repotiore of books that she knows parts of by heart. She loves that she can ‘read the story’. I recently got the Book People pack of pre-school ‘share a story’ books and she loves them – particularly Dinosaurs Day Out by Nick Sharratt, which I was drawn to because of Cakies love for them!