Introducing Our Sponsor: Grannies Inc!

I am thrilled to announce that this blog is now being sponsored by the fabulous London-based company Grannies Inc! 

Grannies Inc. launched this Spring with the wonderful idea of using real Grandmas to knit cute baby clothing. I just LOVE the concept as we would all love to have someone in our family to create beautiful items for our children, but these days it is becoming a much rarer talent. I actually had a tear in my eye as I browsed through the granny gallery, where you can read a little biography about each knitter and choose the lady you would like to knit your product! Simply gorgeous.

This is what Grannies Inc. have to say about themselves:

“Each product in the Grannies, Inc. range is a true one-off, with customers given the opportunity to tailor their design via a simple online designer tool before having it transformed into a bespoke piece by an eagerly awaiting granny. A choice of 24 fantastic colours of soft 100% British-spun Merino wool and four different stitch styles ensure that your beanie, scarf or snood will be totally unique. Furthermore, blankets can be personalised with a child’s name or one of four cute motfis that will brighten up any nursery!”

Grannies Inc. are generously offering all of you a 10% discount on any of their products. Use the code IMAGINATION at checkout. It would be great to get one of their grannies knitting your little ones’ hats ready for the chill of Autumn! I have my eye on these super-cute stripey beanie hats for my girls :-)

If you would like to join Grannies Inc. as sponsors of this blog I am  interested in hearing from companies that are related to children, art and crafts, toys and other play ideas. Please contact anna.ranson @ (removing spaces) for more information. Thanks!