5 A Day Books: Under the Sea!

To read all about the ideas and benefits of the 5-a-Day book scheme, please read here and consider joining in!
Our 5 choices for this week are all about sea creatures! Perfect for this beautiful, summery weather!
This is one of my absolute favourite stories to read to small children. It is also a perfect choice for a 5-a-day book as it is bright, funny and set out in steady-beat rhyme. This is one of those books that I was able to get children to stamp their feet to as we read it as a whole class! It also has a great message about sharing, friendship and learning to get along together, as well as fabulous sparkly pages!
This story is very funny and silly, therefore appeals greatly to little people! It is not rhyming, but short and easy to predict outcomes. As can be seen from the title, it’s all about a fish who has fingers and is therefore very talented, much to the annoyance of some!
 Bright Stanley is a great story about a fish who doesn’t look out for danger and nearly gets eaten by a shark! Great, bright illustrations and a dramatic storyline. For some reason this was an absolute favourite of Cakie’s when she was about 18 months old!
 This is a collection of brilliant poems about a range of sea creatures from the blue whale to barnacles! It is great as part of a teaching topic. The rhymes are punchy and fun and easy to memorise by heart, which makes it a great book for the 5-a-day scheme. 
 This last book is funny and a great imaginative tale about a fish who has limitless wishes and uses them for outrageous things, such as for snow to fall under the sea and to fly around the moon! But he makes a mistake that can’t be rectified and stops being quite so special after all! Great rhyming text throughout.

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