5 A Day Books: Traditional Tales

To read all about the ideas and benefits of the 5-a-Day book scheme, please read here and consider joining in!
I loved reading all of your choices last week and I was so happy to have more people joining in the challenge! 
This week we are focusing on fairy tales as Cakie is enamoured by them at the moment. I just love these rhyming, lift-the-flap stories by Nick Sharratt and Stephen Tucker. They are perfect for young children as they are not too wordy, very bright and fun and easy to join in with. Brilliant for the 5-a-Day scheme!
I love how Goldilocks is pretty funky and different in this story! Brilliant rhyme and rhythm throughout. This story, in all its forms, is C’s absolute favourite right now. We have versions of it on CD for in the car, as well as a few different retellings in books.

 Jack is also a very popular character at the moment with some reenactment of beanstalk climbing going on regularly in our living room! Again, very funny and quirky, retelling the story in a succinct and fun way.

Another classic, simply retold. With plenty of scope for extending the story to all sorts of fun activities and plenty of shoe-related role play games!

 Cakie loves to look at all the details in these picture, especially at what food the little pigs have got in their bags! Fun and punchy, just like the others.

 I love this story but my only complaint is that Granny gets locked in the cupboard instead of gobbled up by the wolf. I think children love the real versions and should hear them from the word go!

I predict that we will be doing lots of fairy tale role-play and imaginative play this week!

What are you reading this week? Feel free to link up any story, book, poem or book-craft related post!


  1. Valerie and kiddies says

    Anna, it’s a bit ‘hit and miss’ with us, but we’ve gone for reading a Peter Rabbit book a day at least, so we’re with you in our own special Jones’ household sort of way :)

  2. Anonymous says

    Good choice of books. When do you manage to fit your 5 day a books in Anna? Do you do it at similar times each day? Just new to this and trying to organise our days. Thanks.
    P.S. Your blog is AMAZING! Love it, amazing ideas.

  3. says

    Hi “Anon”, I struggle too sometimes and find our more successful weeks are linked to my energy and enthusiasm levels (so true for most of parenting!) What I have done to help things is placed baskets of books on the kitchen table, in the living room, next to the bath, by my bed and in the girls rooms. I try and keep some of the 5 a Day books in those, then wherever we are in the house it is easy to pick one up and read at impromptu moments. My best times for reading now are at the dinner table while they eat or when they are in the bath. Can be quite quick to read through all 5 in one go on those occasions. The other key to success is to choose SHORT books, We are not talking about long stories here, but short, punchy, rhyming fun! Hope that helps and I think I will put together a post about it soon!

  4. says

    I’m loving doing this as is my LT – he is starting to read the books that we have as our 5 a day to himself and to his little sister. Thank you for also for extending our book choices even further – the library is getting some requests in from us.