5 A Day Books: Minibeasts!

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This week we have gone all minibeastie! 
This is an Eric Carle classic and one that I love from my teaching days. It’s quite nice to have a central character who needs to learn a thing or two along the way!

 Incy Wincy Spider took a while to grow on me at first as it is set out in the rhyming pattern of the the nursery rhyme, but with different words/ lyrics. It means that you can’t just read it, you almost have to sing it! But that makes a great 5-a-day book because it helps your child to learn it by heart more easily. This book has the added appeal of raised, tactile sparkly details on the spider web thread on each page which Cakie loves to trace her finger along.

 This is new to me and I LOVE it! Just like all of the other wonderful poem collections that these two have put together (Commotion in the Ocean, Rumble in the Jungle etc) the rhymes are funny, short, punchy and brilliant! It is easy for your child to learn the key rhyming words and fill in the gaps as you read. And it covers a great, diverse range of creepy-crawlies too! Perfect.

 Ahh, the one and only classic caterpillar story! We have chosen this one a few times to feature in our 5 for the week, and now it is one of Pop’s favourites for poking her fingers into. It is lovely for discussing life cycles and metamorphosis.

Another spider book (not because I’m a fan of them, no way!) This is such a great, fun story about a spider who desperately wants to become a house pet but keeps being rejected by people because they are too scared of him! Then he finally gets his wish and has a wonderful time with his new owners, until he invites some friends over! Funny, unusual and great for talking about habitats, webs and what makes a perfect pet!

What are you reading this week?
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    My grandson would love to read Mad About Minibeasts. Thank you for sharing. He absolutely adores being outside, scooping up bugs; especially the “rollie-polies.”