The Very Hungry Caterpillar Wall Collage

Happy 82nd Birthday Eric Carle!
After trying out the tissue paper printing method that is used by Eric Carle, (click here to see the art we made), I was keen for us to make some more art based more directly on one of his books. Our favourite, by far, is The Very Hungry Caterpillar and was one of my very first picture books as a child, so holds fond memories.

 So, we set about making the caterpillar itself to create a wall mural for the girls’ rooms. I glued some sheets of light and dark green tissue paper to cover A3 pieces of thick drawing paper.

 Then we had lots of fun tearing up more green tissue paper into small pieces. I also found some paintings that the girls had done and tore out the green sections to use as part of the collage.

 Cakie looked through a catalogue to pick out any patterned pictures which were predominantly green and then I tore those out too, to add to the pile. She started to cover the big sheets with the variety of green collage materials.

 Little Pop had a lot of fun colouring over the pictures with green crayons and markers to add to the overall look of the range of materials. We also found and added some shiny green tape for fun!

I then cut the large sheets into roughly equal sized oval shaped segments, to form the caterpillar’s body. Cakie had fun arranging them on the floor and making up little games with them before we looked at the cover of the book to work out how to put him together.

 We realised he needed a face, and cut the pieces from more tissue paper, which C then stuck down.

 And here he is, arranged on the floor for now so that we could see how big he was going to be! I will put him up on their wall and possibly we will add all of the food as that is what C is requesting to make next!

Don’t forget to check the wonderful list of ideas that are being put together for the celebration of Eric Carle’s birthday! Thanks to Kate at An Amazing Child for organising such a lovely event!


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    Was reading through your blog posts and then Red Ted’s and then, saw you two were discussing #cybermummy11. Hope that you are having a great time! Wish I was there for the fun and could meet both of you, as you both have lovely blogs!
    I am up getting ready for company coming later today. It is 5:22 am here.
    Added a linky to the Eric Carle linkys from last summer, as my boys had gone to an Eric Carle camp.

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