Eric Carle Initial Art

After we made the Eric Carle inspired tissue paper prints this week I thought it would be nice to turn them into some wall art for the girls rooms. I saw a lovely idea for cutting art work into initials *somewhere* recently (if it was you, please let me know so I can point people to your lovely post!)

So we added some more pieces of plain tissue paper in some of the white spaces on one of the finished pictures. This was so that when I cut out the letters there wouldn’t be any vast expanses of white paper showing.

Then I simply cut out the initial letters of the girls’ names to fit the size of frames that I had, and glued them to thick white paper. All finished and ready to hang! This was only a 20 minute project and a lovely way to treasure some of their art work in a unique way.

Eric carle initial art 2

And, loving colour and paper as much as I do, I was pretty much in love with the left over scraps! Oh, what to do with those now?!

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