DIY Sand Box

Today I made the girls a seriously easy and frugal sand box/ pit from an under-bed storage box from Ikea! I’ve been meaning to get them a large wooden one, but until then this will do just fine. This required absolutely no skill whatsoever- perfect!
I picked up the large, under-bed storage box from Ikea last week, thinking I would use it as a DIY Lightbox, which I may still do eventually. It only cost around £6.

 This morning I picked up large bags of play sand from the supermarket for £2.50 each, making the total cost only £11. That’s a budget sand box!

 It’s just big enough for the girls to get in at the same time, though they are so active that there is usually one in and one out anyway! They added their sand and water toys and started on the sand castles straight away.

Cakie spent some time filling her muffin tin from her play garden and made me some delicious sand cakes.

 She topped them off with grass and leaf sprinkles and some stick candles. Lovely natural imaginative play!

 And we popped the shells and gold coins from the pirate small world play into the sand for some treasure hunting and seaside imagining!

 I found this little set-up in the tray after they had left it, an example of land art perhaps?!

And when all the play is over with, the sand box has its own lid ready to keep out the pesky foxes and neighbouring cats.

Have you made your own sand box? I would love to see budget ideas or how-tos! Feel free to add a link to something you have made so we can see it.

Cakie: 33 months
Pop: 15 months


  1. says

    Thank you! We have been looking at sandboxes, but the hubby is dragging his feet about spending $50. This will be perfect! Also I’ve seen cute little kneeling pads to keep their little knees off the cement which is where ours will be too. I think they were at Target over here

  2. Kelli Swanner says

    We did this too! Ours wasn’t really big enough for both our kids to play in, (same age as yours) so we bought a cheap sand box which is horrible! I am seriously thinking of trashing the store bought sand box and going back to our plastic box. I also wanted to tell you that your blog is my absolute favorite!! I am always looking for things to do with my kids and you have the best ideas!

  3. Anonymous says

    Fab…I will be making this tomorrow for my two. Your lightbox sounds interesting…can’t wait to see that.

  4. says

    I stumbled across your blog and I’m so glad I did. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! I love the sand cakes decorations, and I can’t wait to see your light box.

  5. says

    This is a fun idea. I love how your precious daughters used the muffin tin, leaves, sticks, and sand. What imagination! Thanks for sharing.

  6. says

    Hello, love the sandbox idea, we started off with a potting tray on a table for the sand play, but really wanted a bigger wooden one they could actually sit in, couldn’t find one to buy so got husband to make one, it’s based on the one at our local children’s centre, here’s the link for it
    (finally got around to setting up a blog to be able to share things, you’ve inspired me – thanks Anna).

  7. says

    I was just thinking about how much my girls like sand pits and maybe I should get one, then I stumble across this… already have a big plastic tub… just need some sand! Awesome!