5 A Day Books: Week 9: Dogs

Read all about the benefits and ideas behind the 5-a-day book challenge here and please consider joining in! 
This week we are focusing on books about dogs. I’m loving basing my choices around themes as it’s easier to pick them out from the baskets on a Sunday evening! It should also make a nice way to reference all the books for future browsing on the site, I hope.
This is one in the ever-so-popular range of That’s not my books that we have a fair few of. Cakie wasn’t much interested in these as a baby, but at 2 years 9 months she now finds them really funny and loves to join in with great vehemence each time she exclaims “that’s not my puppy!” Repetitive and easy to decode the meaning from the pictures.

 This book is just delightful in so many ways, from the beautiful illustrations to the gorgeous notion of a flying dog! It is rhyming throughout.
Good old Kipper had to make an appearance this week of course! He is a much loved character in our home. This book is particularly lovely as it jumps through the alphabet from a-z, with Kipper and friends looking for things to collect to match each letter. 
And a revisit to the gorgeous Hairy Maclary and his cheeky canine chums as they traipse through town looking for the scariest tom cat around! Brilliant rhyme that is so steady you can stamp your feet to it.
 And the last choice is actually one of my most favourite books from when I was a girl. It’s an American title (one half of me is from the USA!) and I think it’s no longer available here in the UK. So this is my original copy, half falling to pieces due to the serious love it received from four of us growing up! Brilliantly witty and very, very clever rhyme and repetition make this just the most amazing children’s picture book!

Please share what books you will be reading this week or ANY book or story related post that will inspire us all to read with our children! The linky will stay open until the weekend. 


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    I will not be doing this again this week as I can see it will be really full on – we will still read lots, but not any specific titles this week.
    It will be my daughter’s 3rd birthday on Thursday, so we have a round of cupcakes to take to childcare that day, a birthday dinner that night and then a birthday party with the extended family at home Saturday night, so quite full.
    The shelves our books reside are also close to being overrun, so we’re off to buy her a new bookshelf this week so we can actually see all the choices we have available! Doesn’t help that I got a couple of boxes of books down from the top of the cupboard last week of my old children’s books to include!!
    Looking forward to seeing all the lovely choices of everyone else this week though. We have quite a few new books as presents for her this week, so we’ll have some lovely selections to begin back with next week!

    – I loved The Diggiest-Dog when I was little too, though I believe it got so scruffy that was one of the few loved ones that was tossed when I got ‘too old’ for it! I hope your little ones enjoy these Ann – they look great!

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    We have kind of fallen apart with this the last couple of weeks so I haven’t been linking up :-( Things have just been too crazy busy lately. We are still reading, of course, but not from any particular books. Hopefully we’ll get back on track with this when we get settled down a bit.

    PS – We LOVE the Usborne ‘That’s Not My…’ series as well – both the 15 month old and the almost-4 year old!

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    Just happened onto this blog! Thank you for sharing your book selections!! I love the book Elephants Can Paint by Katya Arnold!

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    Love the dog books this week!! For some reason I couldn’t add an image to the linky, so sorry for the weird generic linky icon :)

    I am looking for baby board book recommendations, so pass along your favorites if you have a moment!

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    So pleased I could join in this week – I have a review of a Dog Book I love – Wishbone by Janeen Brian and Kilmeny Niland. I also love the Hairy Maclary books and have found children respond so well to their rollicking rhythm and rhyme.

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    5 A Day Books is a wonderful concept and I’m particularly loving the doggy theme.

    I’ve actually just made my first attempt at writing a picture book and it just so happens to have a dog theme itself. For anyone interested in having a look, it is published as an eBook over at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/86657

    I’d love to know what everyone thinks of it.

    Anyway, keep up the great work with these reading lists and with reading to your children… I find reading time with my 4 year old daughter is one of the best parts of my day.