Small World Play: Cardboard Box Town

Make a town inside a large cardboard box for a fantastic small world play time that uses the whole body! Such a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to play together indoors or outdoors.
My husband told me I can only keep this giant cardboard box until the weekend, then it’s got to go. What’s a girl to do?! PLAY in it as much as we can before he gets to it with his dreaded Stanley knife that’s what! First Pop got in the box as I filled it with play balls and she crawled around in it madly, having a whale of a time flinging them here, there and everywhere! Then we set about making a small world imaginative play space. 
I drew a (very basic!) road system, park, train station, train tracks and car park. Pop helped out and loved adding a touch of colour here and there (and all over her face too of course.)I added our basket of wooden building blocks and she loved stacking and arranging them while I built some others into a little city-scape.
We did a little round up of play people, trucks, cars, trains and trees and added them to the scene for some imaginative small world play. She thought it was the funniest thing ever to get the train driver to whoosh down the slide!

And I think it’s possibly the first time she’s ever impressed Big Sister with an idea she has had! C loved it and encouraged her to do it again and again.

 And with that she climbed right into the box with her and joined right in, driving trucks, busying the little people and arranging the buildings just so. 

What they are learning as they play:

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World: block play and construction/ transport/ road systems
  • Literacy: language and vocabulary development/ labelling objects/ mark making
  • Maths: building/ solid shapes/ counting/ manipulating objects/ sorting and matching
  • Physical: fine motor skill and co-ordination/ gross motor- stacking and balancing
  • Creativity: imaginative play/ mark making/ experimenting with materials
  • PSE: sustained concentration/  independent play/ co-operation

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