Multi-Sensory Bath Times!

If you follow me on Facebook you may remember I posted a while back about the pink bath that I gave the girls one day! And I wondered how I had never thought of something so simple and fun before?!


Well, since that day, we’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with colours and flavours to add to our baths! We tried mixing green food colouring with eucalyptus and menthol oils! The bath smelt amazing and was great for opening up their airways and easing their colds a little.

Then we tried purple food colouring and added lavender oils! The girls both smelt absolutely wonderful that evening.

And we added orange food colouring with vanilla flavouring. The whole bathroom smelt like a sweet shop. Mmmmm, delicious! 
We have also tried pink colouring with strawberry flavouring and blue colouring with peppermint!

The colouring does NOT stain the skin or the bath. It just washes straight down the plug, no problem! (You may want to test first if you are worried.)

Besides adding a lot of fun it was also a feast for the senses and provoked lots of chat and questioning from 2 year old C. Using coloured water also makes the water play much more interesting as the water can be seen inside clear plastic bottles and is wonderful to watch as it pours and sprinkles from various toys and containers!

Have you ever tried making bath time more exciting? What did you do?

This activity is good for:
* exploring the world using all of the senses
* messy/ sensory play
*early maths:  exploring capacity by filling and emptying containers and talking about full/ half full/ empty
* early literacy: descriptive language development- describing how something looks and smells and what it reminds you of eg “this bath smells like sweeties!”

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