5 A Day Books: Week 5

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We’ve been away for the weekend and had long car journeys in which we have needed to keep the girls occupied. I have found that we know so many parts of so many stories off by heart now, that we were able to tell stories for lots of the time! And the fact that I know them by heart too is a real bonus, because now I don’t need a book to do storytelling. I would start off and she would join in, or she would look at some of the books from our previous weeks and she could tell most of them off by heart or in her own way. I hope that you are seeing benefits too! Even if you can’t keep to 5 or you need to have a week off here and there, keep it going as these things take time to establish as a habit and soon become second nature.
Our 5 for the week 

Another from this rhyming fairy tale series, and a favourite already!
Charlie and Lola are BIG in this house at the moment! These stories are written in a fantastic way, with such brilliant child-like thoughts and language. Very funny and relatable for young children. Not rhyming but great for reading and re-reading until your child can fill in the blanks and predict the key words. C already retells this in a very humorous way!
Hug is a lovely book with almost no text at all! Just a very few words and the key word “hug” repeated throughout. This makes it excellent for easy retelling but also for invention of a storyline as there is no right or wrong.
We absolutely LOVE the cheeky Chimp and Zee and this is another from the series of stories about them. Set out in very clever rhyming text with repeated sections too, it’s absolutely perfect for a 5-a-day book.
And the inclusion of this book proves that I’m trying to be as child-led as possible! C just loves this story and asks for it to be read ALL of the time, even though it’s all about Christmas and snow! (or maybe that’s why!) No rhyme or repetition but a very short story and easy to become very familiar with.
What are your 5 for this week? Are you seeing any benefits yet? Please link up and inspire us!


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    Anna, I can’t sing the praises of this enough. J has learnt so many stories just in the few weeks we have been doing this. I’ve decided to include nursery rhymes too. Every morning and night now I am going to sing the same nursery rhyme to J. We started this week with Incy Wincy. It’s fabulous.

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    Thanks so much for facilitating the 5 A Day Challenge! Will and I are having a blast with it every week. And I love checking out what all the other families are reading. Some great ideas!